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It is better to raise a cat at home

I can understand the perception of many cat owners that a cat is a creature of nature and it has to roam freely outside because it is in its nature to live outside rather than live at home. But what to do is that nature is no longer drowned and most cats live in busy and dangerous urban areas. That's why I recommend breeding cats at home so that they can maintain their safety, health and quality of life. So how do you do that? And is that even possible? The answer is yes!

First, keep in mind that this is a process you cannot decide one day that the cat who is used to spending most of his day outdoors will only live at home. You have to gradually get used to spending more time at home. This means that the length of stay should be reduced very slowly. I would recommend reducing the hour every day.

Secondly, it is necessary to prepare the house for the full transition from the outside to the interior, high places such as, shelves at home or buying a cat tree should be added. Cats need climbing places for two reasons: a. For control of their territory and to feel safe. As previously mentioned, shelves scattered along the walls are a cheap and effective solution.

Third, you have to worry about hiding places, if you do not want the cat to hide in the closet, it is recommended to scatter two boxes in the house in which the cat can rest and feel safe. It is recommended to have a cat toy, like a fish toy ,at home, that will keep your cat busy all days of the day.

In addition, good and strong scratching positions should be placed near the armchairs in the living room so that the cat can sharpen his fingernails in fun places.

You will have to start playing with them in wait-and-see games to allow them to articulate their hunter. Twice a day at least. Most importantly, do not respond to the cat's cry, indulge him with food whenever he is quiet. If you find it difficult to make the transition from the outside to the inside, consult with a man or a professional. House cats are more alive, a cat can be home for about twenty years, the cat will be healthier and less wounded.

Another cat behaves like my dog, giving me back a ball I throw. You can play with her endlessly, and she never stops, returns and returns, until I break and stop. She has another special feature: She sucks the tip of her tail like a pacifier, perhaps because she was abandoned while she was a tiny puppy. I raised many cats, but no one else ever used his tail as a pacifier.

I knew a cat who lived in a high-rise building and would come down and get on the elevator. He would wait for a neighbor to come down or up, and get in the elevator with him. The neighbors knew him and pressed his floor button for him.

In addition to these fun abilities, cats have features that are exposed in special cases. I know a clinical psychologist for children, who shortens the familiarity and openness between her and the patient with the help of a cat. If the cat recognizes difficulty in the child, she approaches it independently and without intention, ascends his chair, and after a few caresses and a little talk the bond opens.

The heat that cats disperse from their bodies, the snuggling and the sounds they make are considered to have healing abilities.

 Some cats recognize diseases in our bodies as they sit or lie down on the problematic area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir sick owners. Believers say that this contact lasts every day, and if the cat stops doing so, it is a sign that the patient has healed or, God forbid, the patient's end is near.